Dan ShekereA musical passion turned into a craft.

Handmade shekere by independent artist Dan Jones, Manchester, UK.


This is a page for my shekere (or otherwise known as abê, agbe, xekere etc etc) journey, and other design related things (coming soon!). I started playing this amazing instrument in 2009 (with Manchester drum and dance outfit Juba do Leão), and still play. After a trip to Brazil and lots of inspiration later, I started to make these things. I have been making and perfecting the technique for the past 5 years and continue to make with a passion… and they play pretty well too.

Since getting good at it, I have had commissions from the Brazilian percussion scene in the UK. I’m happy to chat through any commission and let you know if I have stock in for your shakey requirements (gourds and beads).

I also have ready made ones of my designs, all of which are available on the home page, just click the pretty picture for more info.


Abacaxi is pronounced: Ahh-Bah-Ka-SHEE. Creations is pronounced: CREATIONS.

Abacaxi means pineapple in Portuguese, it’s my favourite word and a shekere is a sort of music pineapple…

Why so many names?

So there are many names for this instrument, each different depending on where they’re from, different functions/attributes/language.

I’ve heard many different explanations and stories.

I personally call them shekere (or occasionally abê (ahh bay) ), mainly because I like the word. I’m not a purist.

Sorry if you disagree #sorrynotsorry #wherestheone