Dan ShekereA passion turned into a craft.

Handmade shekere instruments and silk creations by independent musician & artist Dan Jones, Manchester, UK.


Here you will find my explorations in shekeres and silk. I stumbled across the Brazilian Carnival scene in Manchester in 2009 and the journey went from there. I got involved in Carnival arts as a volunteer and started playing in different Brazilian influenced music projects over the years. Experiencing different cultures from across the world and meeting some key, influential musicians and artists sparked my interest in making.


A shekere is a percussion instrument made from a gourd shell (cabaça) and a net of beads. I mainly make Brazilian style shekere or abê as they are known also, though Cuban style shekere are on the horizon, please see my portfolio for examples of my work. All of my work is handmade, high-quality and good to play, using techniques I have honed over the years.

I will also post any shekere for sale here

Explorations In Silk

I also hand-paint silk in various forms, I will be launching a range of silk-based items very soon as my next venture!


Abacaxi is pronounced: Ahh-Bah-Ka-SHEE.

Abacaxi means pineapple in Portuguese, and shekere is a sort of music pineapple…